Welcome to the Immune Wilderness

Welcome to the Immunity Wilderness.  Boy, am I glad you are here!  My name is Corinne and I would love for you to join me on this journey to understand and support the immune system.  Until my son came along with a broken immune system, I had no idea how important the immune system is to our survival. Without it, you can’t live (immunodeficiency).  When it get’s overzealous, it fights everything you come in contact with (allergies).  And when it turns on you, it attacks your most valuable physical asset – your body (autoimmunity). 

The journey isn’t an easy one and can be quite lonely at times.  Sure, it’s easy to pop pills and cover the symptoms. But, these symptoms are our body’s language with us. It is how it speaks, sometimes in whispers, telling us what is wrong.  To understand this wild thing that protects our physical life, you have to listen.  It can be a long and tedious road and it’s a journey that will last a lifetime.  Sometimes, with all the effort, there are immune systems that are a bit broken and can’t be fixed.  Supporting these fragile immune systems, so even they can work as well as they can, is vital to life. 

And LIFE is what the Immunity Wilderness is about.  Join us!


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