About Corinne.

I was first a daughter. Then a big sister and a friend. Now, a wife for over 13 years. And, a mother to three beautiful babies. We have encountered quite a few health situations, but the hardest to date has been my son’s immunodeficiency. It has lead me on a journey to understand what the immune system is and how to support and protect it. It isn’t easy and sometimes it can be quite lonely.

My nerd tendencies often lead me to obscure research and listening to entire Microbiology classes (yes, class-ES) on iTunesU. No, I don’t have a medical degree. Just a degree in art. Don’t tell anyone, but I did terribly in chemistry in high school. I just don’t think in straight lines, but there is a lot of information swirling in my head. Hopefully little by little, I can organize it and share it with you, so you can understand some of what I have learned about the crazy wonderful thing inside you called your immune system.

I live in the Immune Wilderness.